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It Takes a Team

I was meeting with a client last week who was curious about the CEG team. As the owner, I’m the leader and the face of the brokerage and investment side of things, but I couldn’t get it done without my team. Well, I could, but I’d probably have more gray hair and my family would miss me. 😉

So, I thought I’d use this week’s blog to introduce my awesome team.. Like the space station, it takes a team to make it all work. Here are the four people who help me get deals done:

Anne Marie Arndt

I’ve known Anne Marie for 24 years. So, when I made the move to CEG full time, she jumped in to help on day one. She brought with her an eclectic skill set along with creative talents in marketing, branding, communications organizational development, and technology. With over 20 years of experience immersed in the examination of human behaviors, she knows how to meet organizational needs and collaborate to produce results. Plus, she makes me and CEG look amazing.

Anne Marie is also a visual and media artist. Her artworks – including pet portraits of which I own three – have been exhibited and sold throughout the country. In the last four years, she has listened to almost 300 audiobooks. One of her favorite quotes from a Louise Penny book is, “Is it true? Is it kind? Does it need to be said?”

Michelle Kolling

Michelle worked for many years on the leadership team of commercial appraisal and title companies. Back in the day, she worked with my wife who is in the appraisal side of the CRE business. With Michelle’s experience of managing workflows, driving efficiency, and developing processes, I knew she could keep me and the team on track and make the organization run smoothly. Her work happens behind the scenes, but her impact is runs across all aspects of the business. She’s a Certified Leadership and Communication Coach and brings a gold standard to CEG.

Michelle is also a trained end-of-life doula and currently volunteers with several local hospice organizations. She considers reading to be lifelong continuing education and always has a book or two nearby. She loves connecting to creativity through artwork, knitting, gardening, and playing in the kitchen.

Amy O’Day

Amy came on board a few months ago to add administrative support to the CEG team. After I hired her, I found out her husband was also an Airborne rigger. It's great to have another military family be part of our team. She has over 25 years of exceptional administrative and customer services skills. Having worked in retail, health care, manufacturing, and business environments, Amy is simply awesome and has tackled everything from HR to customer service, purchasing, and basic administrative duties. She is passionate about helping CEG in all facets of the behind-the-scenes operations, and it shows in her work.

Originally from beautiful Door County, Amy has settled in the heart of the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin with her husband and three children. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, cooking and entertaining.

Mitch Borgen

Mitch is the most recent member to the CEG team, and like me, graduated from St. Cloud State with a real estate degree. For the last 11 years, he was involved in property management as well as buying, selling, leasing, and flipping residential properties in the Twin Cities. By breaking into commercial real estate brokerage, Mitch has shown he is motivated, resourceful, and has that growth mindset that fits in well with our team. He loves to learn, and that connects with my mentoring side.

Spending time with his three-year-old, Kalvin, ranks high on Mitch’s enjoyment list. He’s also into fishing, woodworking, and/or camping during his free time. His interest in the outdoors is another thing we have in common.

I often wonder, how did I get such a great team?! I’m humbled. Each of them bring such strengths to CEG. Naturally, there may be some hiccups along the way, but they just give us more opportunities to learn and grow. With this team I’m extremely confident, and I know that CEG will get your deal done. I’m here to help if you have any questions (612-788-1552 or

Jeff Salzbrun is the owner and broker of Commercial Equities Group (CEG). As a veteran-owned real estate brokerage, CEG has been involved in thousands of sale and lease transactions, ranging from single offices to 250,000+ square foot buildings. At CEG, we get your deal done. We know space, and we know the CRE business.

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