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Updated: May 16

I had a conversation with a small group after my BNI meeting Wednesday that I thought I’d use as this week’s blog topic. When one of my business mentors first suggested I start a blog, I was very hesitant. Honestly, I was a little fearful of people’s reactions., specifically my fellow colleagues. But after some thought, I came around to it as I decided it was more important for me to do it, than not. I needed to put myself out there and let the words flow, so we launched the first blog – in Jeff style – over seven months ago.

Lock and dam of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis by St. Anthony Falls.

I’m glad I did. Google the “benefits of blogging” and you’ll find lists of why it's good for business. Yes, those technical reasons are valid, but here are my five reasons to blog:

1. Surprisingly, I now find myself really looking forward to Blog Friday (other than cramming to get it done Thursday evenings 😉). It’s incredible having people reach out and respond with comments, appreciation, or even just to say hello, especially those I haven’t heard from in years. Some of the best have been from other brokers that have mentored me, and I have admired – yeah, the ones I was initially worked up about. Yes, from a business perspective, it’s brought leads and increased traffic to our website, but the connection with people is the best.

2. People love to learn about people. We are curious. What makes someone else tick? How do they think? What do they know? Can I learn something? We all have stories to share. With a lot of crap on social media platforms, we need positive opportunities to stay connected. My experience with my blog has been just that, positive.

3. The blog should be told in your voice and perspective. Let’s be real, it’s important to be yourself. Yes, it means you put yourself out on a limb, but you do that every day in conversations. Go for it!

4. Blogging is another way of helping people. I’ve written about the importance of helping and what it means to me. The CEG blog allows me to share the wisdom I’ve learned over decades in the CRE business. It’s one of my ways to give back.

Two hands on the steering wheel and view of the road through the windshield.

5. I spend a lot of time in my car thinking, driving from one property to another or one meeting to another. My blog gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts with more people. Also, maybe one of those English teachers that gave me a bad grade are reading this and thinking, wow, the writing and grammar rules finally sank in. 😆


Overall, my blog is one way I’m staying current and attempting to be relevant in a changing CRE business and market. And that’s always a goal. So, just write it. Write that blog that's trapped in your head.

Smiling Jeff Salzbrun

Jeff Salzbrun is the owner and broker of Commercial Equities Group (CEG). As a veteran-owned real estate brokerage, CEG has been involved in thousands of sale and lease transactions, ranging from single offices to 250,000+ square foot buildings. At CEG, we get your deal done. We know space, and we know the CRE business.

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